The Cracow of John Paul II – DVD Movie

The Cracow (Kraków) of John Paul II is a film guide which is, at the same time, about the man and about the city and shows both in a yet unprecedented way. Originality and freshness of camerawork present the city in unique colours and the materials dedicated to the person of Pope John Paul II are in great majority archival and are now shown publicly for the first time. What is truly exceptional is that the author of the film himself was baptized by the young Father Karol Wojtyła in the parish church of St Florian in Cracow, at the beginning of the 1950s.

In the film we can see places that Karol Wojtyła once visited – as a young man, seminarist, priest, Bishop of Cracow, then Cardinal and finally Pope John Paul II, during his many trips to his Homeland. The archival material reminds us of past events while the present-day shots make us experience the charm of today’s Cracow. We are often accompanied by the Pope’s singing, which is played in the background. His numerous meetings with the young, the city’s residents and the pilgrims visiting Cracow have already become a legend. The film shows, among others, a fragment of the famous meeting with the youth in the gardens of the Skałka Church in 1979, during which, for many minutes, thousands of flowers were being thrown towards the stage...
The DVD includes some bonus features and extras: a pilgrim’s mini-guide in the form of an eight-page booklet with a small map of the places in Cracow that are connected with Karol Wojtyła – Pope  John Paul II – and a slide show of photographs from the construction of the Be Not Afraid! John Paul II Centre  – a wonderful tribute to the Great Pole.

The Cracow of John Paul II - DVD trailer

Film details:
- title: The Cracow of John Paul II
- screenplay, photography and direction: Kazimierz J. Bihun
- running time: 55 minutes
- 4:3, available in PAL or NTSC
- Polish voiceover
- subtitles in: English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Polish (for the hearing-impaired)
- the film features music composed by Wojciech Kilar 
- DVD cover – photograph of the Main Market Square in Cracow taken by the author of the film, photograph of John Paul II taken in front of St Mary’s Basilica in 1991 by Grzegorz Gałązka, a highly regarded Vatican photographer 
- post-production and distribution in all countries: V.O.P. Consulting Bogusław Szewczyk – portal:
- for retail orders and wholesale contact us by e-mail ('film distribution' in the right menu) or by regular mail: V.O.P. Consulting Bogusław Szewczyk, 30-240 Kraków/Poland, ul. Rzepichy 27D.

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