Saint John Paul II and his Krakow

"My love for Krakow dates back to an earlier time than the one when I first moved here. I was born outside of Krakow, but spending most of my days in Wadowice, I always longed for Krakow and I thought it to be a truly great day in my life when after I had passed my maturity exam in 1938, I moved to this city and began to attend the Jagiellonian University."

These were the words of Pope Saint John Paul II, spoken during his memorable meeting with university students in the church at Skałka, in June 1979. A unique atmosphere of that day was most probably an impetus for the idea of the World Youth Day.

What was that Krakow like? – the one that was in his thoughts and in his speeches, the one he missed so much? The World Youth Day in Krakow is the perfect opportunity to learn more about our Pope’s Krakow (Cracow), to discover the places in which his presence can still be sensed. We invite you to take a short walk around the parts of Krakow, where the most beautiful story of our times came to life…

The video uses fragments of the film "The Cracow of John Paul II".

  • screenplay, photography and direction: Kazimierz J. Bihun
  • running time: 55 minutes
  • Polish voiceover: Tomasz Wysocki
  • the film features music composed by Wojciech Kilar
  • subtitles in: English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Polish (for the hearing-impaired)
  • DVD available in PAL (Europe, Australia) or NTSC (USA, Canada, South America, Mexico, Japan, Korea)
  • post-production and distribution: V.O.P. Consulting Welcome 2 Kraków PL
Friday, 18th October 2019
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