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On Augustiańska Street in the Kazimierz district there is the largest Gothic church in Kraków - the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Margaret (photo 4).

The church houses the Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation, known as the place where prayers will certainly be answered.

Right next to the chapel, there is an altar with a coffin containing the relics of Isaiah Boner, a professor in the Kraków Academy –  who was very well-known in the sixteenth century for his dedication, knowledge and Catholic zeal. He was famous for his charity work, good acts of kindness and miracles. He had a gift for healing – even the victims of the plague. It was once told that a young boy pulled out of the Vistula river, when covered by Isaiah Boner with a cloak, revived after his fervent prayers.

In the aisle of the church there is a statue of St. Rita in an Augustinian habit. This Augustinian nun, living in the fifteenth century, became the patron saint of difficult, or even downright impossible issues. She died in 1447, was blessed in the seventeenth century, and in 1900 canonized by Pope Leo XIII. Her symbols are white or pink roses.


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