Ojców National Park

Established in 1956, the Ojców National Park is one of the smallest national parks in Poland. It covers parts of the Prądnik and Sąspowska Valleys.

The Park is best-known for:

■ The ruins of the medieval castle in Ojców,

■ The Renaissance castle in Pieskowa Skała,

■ The “Hercules’ Club” (Maczuga Herkulesa) – (a 30- metres tall limestone monadnock),

■ The Łokietek Cave (Jaskinia Łokietka),

■ The Professor Szafer Museum,

■ The Kraków Gate (Brama Krakowska).

The enchanting Prądnik Valley is an excellent place for walks. Limestone rocks have many caves and there is also a lot of ravines in the area. Various species of flora and fauna are abundant. As in the park you can find 17 different bat species (out of 21 within the entire territory of Poland), it naturally became the symbol of Ojców. And as far as the birds are concerned, 120 different species have been catalogued.

More detailed information is available on the official website of Ojców National Park.

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