Jewish Kazimierz

Szeroka Street was the centre of the Jewish part of Kazimierz. Surrounded by nice houses, synagogues (Old, Remuh, Popper, Na Górce), with the Market Square in the centre and a cemetery, it has always been an extremely busy place. It remained such up to this day - around along Szeroka Street there is plenty of restaurants, cafés, and hotels, and in the place of the former cemetery there stands now an obelisk dedicated to the residents of Kazimierz who were murdered during World War II by the Nazis.

Every year in late June and early July the Jewish Culture Festival is organized on Szeroka Street. It is one of the biggest such events in the world, attracting crowds of Kraków citizens, tourists from the country and from around the world.

On Szeroka Street, at number 40, the Remuh Synagogue is located. The adjacent cemetery is one of the oldest in Poland. The Remuh Synagogue was the second Jewish house of prayer in Kazimierz, therefore it was called the New Synagogue. Today, it is one of the two, which celebrate regular services.

At Szeroka 24 there is the Old Synagogue, the oldest that has survived up to this day. Currently, it houses one of the branches of the Historical Museum of Kraków.

At Józefa 38 there is the High Synagogue (Synagoga Wysoka), with a 10- metre high prayer hall located on the first floor. Another synagogue – the Synagogue of Isaac - is situated just around the corner, on Kupa Street, at number 18. Its origins date back to 1644 and up to this day it celebrates Orthodox Hasidic services. Yet another one, the Kupa Synagogue, is located at Warszauera 8.
The meeting point of modern, progressive Jews was the Tempel Synagogue, set up on Miodowa Street, at number 24. It gathered the supporters of assimilation and the break with orthodoxy. Today it is a place of many interesting shows.

An important place of the Jewish Kazimierz is the New Square (Plac Nowy), and was once used as a market place.  Now, it is also a place where today's social life of Kazimierz is led – in numerous cafés, bars, restaurants and music clubs.

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